Fisherman's Daughter


We prioritize sourcing the highest quality fish for our pet food. This involves building strong partnerships with fisheries worldwide to obtain a variety of nutrient-rich, responsibly farm-raised and wild-caught fish. Our main goal is to incorporate fish into our recipes to provide essential proteins and healthy fats, ensuring balanced nutrition for your pet.

Potato, sweet potato and other vegetables

We carefully select our partners who cultivate the finest quality vegetables to ensure that our pet food is packed with premium ingredients. Our produce is often low-glycaemic and provides natural soluble and insoluble fibre, along with essential nutrients.

Padina pavonica

This unique Mediterranean alga Padina pavonica better known as the peacocks tails because of its beauty as seen under water, grows in the crystal clear waters around the Maltese archipelago. It is hand picked by trained divers in a sustainable manner. It has strong properties, collagen synthesis and calcium uptake and fixation. Clinical studies have shown that this alga is very efficient at strengthening collagen and fixing calcium in bone cells.